Friday, May 10, 2013

Rambling On

I had a friend threaten suicide this week, which really freaked me out. I even contemplated deleting this friend from my newsfeed on Facebook because I really don't need the stress in my life, and when things like this happen it reminds me that I am fragile.Yes, I can be a selfish jerk at times, but I didn't delete. I worried, tried to contact this friend, called the police, and several days later, this friend messaged me again, so all is well for now. Although I really wish this friend would seek professional help because I am not professional help. Hell, sometimes I need professional help too.

I had another friend tell me that I had the ability to influence people. I wondered how that is possible when most times, I struggle to organize my own thoughts.

My sister is back home - she walked away from the care center because to be honest, the place was a hole in the wall, a dirty hole in the wall. She is healing and getting stronger. I am thankful.

The Bloggess posted her rules for life. You should check them out. I really like the first one: Don't be shitty. One I want to add: Allow people the right to grieve for however long it takes them.

I really liked Death as the narrator in The Book Thief  by Markus Zusak, but sometimes in real life, Death is an asshole who takes perfectly good people from us and leaves us the rotten ones.

The man who kidnapped the three women in Cleveland is on suicide watch. I think they should hand him the means and let him do it instead of watching him - it would save a lot of money and grief. I am thankful the women are free, but there is a cure for people like him - it is called a bullet to his head. I don't understand how a human being can be so evil. Even though my own father is evil, I still don't understand it.

The news and a friend threatening suicide makes a person like me struggle to stay grounded and here. My brain is like a butterfly right now landing here, landing there, landing everywhere, and no where at all. And they say ADD is bad. Throw a few more personalities into the mix and see how hard it is to focus.

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