Thursday, January 30, 2014

Going Inside

There are times in the life of a person with DID (at least with myself), that I feel myself longing to go inside and hide under the covers. I get more quiet, more reflective, or sometimes not reflective, just numb.

I am having one of those times when life changes and life worries get a bit too much. I hope my loved ones don't take it personally when I disappear for a bit. I'll be back when I feel stronger and more capable of facing life.


Tracy said...

I hope you get out from under those covers. Hugs

L.M. Lynn said...

Just wondering how things are going for you. Hope you are feeling some better. ��

Sunshine and Shadows said...

Thanks Lynne, I am doing better.

Anonymous said...

I'd typically been very frustrated with these "numb" times but reading your post, I see that it can be positive, actually like a way to nurture. I loved your statement: "I'll be back when I feel stronger..."- very inspiring- I think our mind and bodies need to have that time in the 'numb' place to sort something out-its just that we aren't aware of what it is- hmmm- not easy, not at all!
Good luck!!

mlynn smith said...

I totally relate to this. I find when my internal stress is running high, I can't handle external life at ALL. I recently journal/blogged about it---trying to understand it and to help my husband.

I have a part who lived for ages in a dark room and would not come out. She is a little girl and is out of the dark room now---but is quick to lead all of us to retreat. This requires management and if I am too overloaded, the signal to retreat (I call it 'cocooning') is easier to just give in to in order to re-set.